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  1. Kerrie scott says:

    If u still need accomm in the bega valley, let us know!!

    • Greg Foyster says:

      Thanks for the offer, Kerrie. Unfortunately we just passed through Bega Valley en route to Canberra. Brown Mountain was a tough ride!


      • Dear Greg & Sophie,

        It was good to be at the other end of your climb up the “famous” Brown Mountain. Was good to chat to you over an evening meal; I thought you both showed much dedication to chatting after what is a hard day’s slog in the saddle. Now that you’ve conquered that anything else should not psyche you out!!
        You timed your entry to the Monaro tablelands just right, within a fortnight we have had 2 large dumps of snow (one 15cm/6″ plus) that would have challenged all but the Finnish with steel studded ice tyres and some reindeer furlined knicks!!

        Hoping that the journey continues to unfold in good & surprising & safe ways.

        Keep a lookout for the Great Emu.

        Godspeed & regards,

        Grant, Diane, Joan & family.

        • Greg Foyster says:

          Thanks guys!

          Although I would have relished the chance to wear some reindeer fur lined Finnish knicks, I’m glad we made it through before the snow hit. In fact, we had a dream run to Canberra, with sunny weather all the way. Too easy!

          It was wonderful to meet you, and perhaps one day we’ll get to pop round and see the floor made out of old conveyor belts.



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  4. Wow, what a ride. How long on the road? I ‘rode’ from Nowra to Moruya (lots of pushing bike along beach) to Canberra (back road). 550km. 9 days. Lost 5kg on the trip and another 5 after.

    Might be taking bike to Tassie for CES/LETS Conference and riding the coast you did. Any recommendations for perimeter coastline of Tassie?

    Well done!

    • Greg Foyster says:

      Hi Frederick,

      We’re heading up that way soon (Canberra to Nowra via Bega). Altogether we spent nearly nine months on the road, though not all of it was cycling. We also stayed with people, WWOOFed, etc.

      I recommend the east coast of Tassie, which we have done. Quite hilly, but really beautiful!

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