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Rhonda Hetzel’s homespun wisdom

Cycling up the little driveway in Landsborough, I felt as if I were reuniting with a long lost friend. I had read Rhonda’s book Down to Earth while cycling through Tasmania. It was one of those books that gave me … Continue reading

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Meeting a modern swagman

You might remember an ABC documentary in 2004 about a “modern swagman” named Grant “John” Cadoret. It was a cracking yarn. In 1977, at the age of 22, John left his job at a Melbourne bank for a three month … Continue reading

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Keith Burgess – 18th century survivalist

What if, one day, you drove to town for supplies and found everything shut. There was no petrol available. No fresh produce. No rice, flour, pasta or lentils. No packaged goods of any kind. Something had happened – a flood, … Continue reading

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Craving the country life

Escaping Sydney was hellish. We wanted to take the freeway, but the emergency stopping lane didn’t extend over the Hawkesbury River bridge near Mooney Mooney. So we had to take the Old Pacific Highway, a hilly road through thick bush. … Continue reading

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Costa’s crazy chooks

While in Sydney, we caught up with Costa Georgiadis, the host of Gardening Australia. I’m pleased to report that he’s just as energetic and zany in real life as he is on TV.  At various points in our interview he … Continue reading

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Sustainable fashion in Sydney

By the time we reached Sydney, Sophie and I hadn’t been in a large city for over two months (Canberra doesn’t count). As soon as we cycled through Franchiseland – my nickname for outer suburbs filled with Coles, McDonalds, Bunnings … Continue reading

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Nic and Gemma – voluntary slum dwellers

When we stayed in Footscray, Sophie and I visited a couple moving to a uniquely downmarket location – a Cambodian slum. While the trend in Australia is for houses with fewer occupants but more bedrooms, Nic Morgan and Gemma Banks … Continue reading

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Kristin and Andy – on the road

“A house is a good thing. You can lock it up and go and live anywhere you like,” said Andy Stretton, bursting into laughter. In his hand was a notebook filled with inspiring phrases and passages; the house quote is … Continue reading

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A Rich life

What is life for? And how can we live it well? These questions keep coming up as Sophie and I cycle around Australia, interviewing people about simple living. We’ll arrive at someone’s house to talk about composting or gardening or … Continue reading

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Peter Cowman – small house, big ideas

What is a house for? I thought I knew the answer to that question. But then I met Peter Cowman, a self-described “itinerant architect sheltermaker”, and my whole conception of a house and its purpose was turned upside down. Peter, … Continue reading

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